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The one day yoga retreat and why its just what you need

The promise of a yoga retreat on a Sri Lankan beach is one that, money notwithstanding, many of us could ignore but let’s be realistic about budget. Some yoga retreats can cost upwards of £1500 which can seem like a lot of money to spend on yourself. There is of course that argument that you’re worth it, and you absolutely are, but being worth it and saddling yourself with debt to prove it are very different things, the latter of which will definitely not help you on your wellness journey. Add in the pulls of work and home life and even finding time to go on a yoga retreat can be unrealistic.

Happily, lots of yoga teachers now offer day retreats which are exactly as they sound. You take a day to practice yoga, meet with like minded people, share stories and then you get to go home at the end of it, with the added benefit of not having broken the bank. Day retreats can start from £65 and may range up to £180 (or higher depending on the venue).


What can you expect?

The format of each retreat will differ depending on the skill set of your teacher and what they want to offer.

Generally might expect your day retreat to include:

  • Guided meditation
  • Pranayama (breath work)
  • Yoga masterclass/s (the style of the class will depend on your teacher)
  • Treatments / workshops – this could be massage, reflexology or spa treatments in addition to creative workshops like Mala making, floristry or blending essential oils – anything goes!
  • Restorative yoga / relaxation

Prepare yourself for your yoga day retreat

If you’re packing things into a small time window then taking some time before your day retreat for reflection is a great idea. Ask yourself:


  • What do you hope to get out of the retreat?
  • is there a particular area of yourself that you would like to focus on during the retreat?


Chances are the retreat planners will have sent you a list of things to bring with you but you also need to take some time to mentally prepare, especially if you’ve not done anything like it before. Try to keep an open mind and remember to be kind to yourself. We so seldom take time in our busy lives to focus on ourselves so when we do so, emotions can bubble up to the surface. Let them come just try not to let them overwhelm you.

On a practical level, it’s a good idea to check in with the teacher leading your retreat to see what they offer and what you should bring. For example they may provide yoga mats and some props but if you like having a yoga bolster as part of your practice that may be something that you need to bring with you. Also remember to take socks, jumpers and blankets with you. Basically anything that you need to feel cosy.


Take time for reflection after your yoga retreat

Allow yourself a little time after your retreat to come back to earth. A few years ago I went on a Buddhist retreat with some friends. Full disclosure it wasn’t right for me but as I was with friends that didn’t matter so much. However, when I returned back to family life it felt really jarring. I had gone from an environment with no technology (yep no mobile phones), long walks and lots of mediation into the full chaos of my family home. I walked into an argument between my children, the house was upside down and if memory serves one of the dogs had just left a very unpleasant mess in the kitchen. In hindsight, I wish I’d taken the time to go for lunch with my friends, creating a little buffer before going back to the real world.


The benefits of a yoga retreat

Just like any other retreat you’ll still reap all of the rewards of taking some time for yourself; deepening your yoga practice, meeting like minded people, reflecting on your thoughts, and visiting new places. The effects may not be as long lasting as those of a week’s retreat as it can take time to break habits and introduce new ones but Day retreats are definitely the accessible option for yogis and yoginis as you’ll be able to book onto one whenever you need it!

The following website offer some great options for one day retreats in the UK and full yoga retreats worldwide. Don’t forget to browse the Learn to Love Yoga site for an update my retreats.


Our very own Learn to Love Yoga’s Full Moon Workshop:

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Event Bright provide a good access point for UK day retreats:

Event Bright London Day Retreats


Book Yoga Retreats offer a selection of yoga retreats worldwide:


What do you think?

If you’ve been on a retreat recently I’d love to hear about your experience. Either leave a comment or send me an email.



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