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Yoga prop substitutes

Yoga prop substitutes

The good news is that the number of online yoga classes is growing each day but the bad news may be that you find yourself stuck at home with no access to your yoga studio’s great selection of props. But don’t worry, you don’t need expensive studio equipment to practice yoga, in fact there are some great yoga prop substitutes you can make with everyday items you can find in your home.


Swap your yoga mat for a towel

You want something that is going to cushion you against the hard surface of your floor. A towel is ideal if you’re practicing on your carpet but may be too slippy if you’re practicing on a hard floor. This is probably the hardest prop to substitute as its so intrinsic to a good yoga practice. Inexpensive yoga mats are available from a wide variety of online retailers who will continue to deliver during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Expect to pay £7+ on


Swap yoga bricks and blocks for books

Yoga bricks provide additional support in standing, balancing and seated postures. Books are fantastic yoga prop substitutes. A chunky book will make a great alternative. Just make sure that it is roughly the size of a brick and if you are using two try to find books that are equal in size so you don’t throw your balance off.

You’ll need a bigger flatter book to swap for your yoga block, alternatively you can use a folded up towel for support.


Swap a yoga strap for a dressing gown belt

A dressing gown or bathrobe belt is the perfect substitution for a yoga belt (you could also use a scarf or tie). Use the belt as you would do normally in your class but don’t be tempted to tie it around your foot as it will be uncomfortable.


Yoga blankets

You can use any blanket or towel. There is no such thing as a ‘yoga blanket’, its just a blanket. Most of us buy our class blankets from IKEA to be honest!


Create an environment for yoga

Sneaking a practice in just after the kids have gone to bed or in the corner of a room won’t have the same vibe as going to a yoga studio, but who knows it might actually be better! Create the perfect zen space at home with scented candles, lower the lights and try to practice at a time that offers you the fewest amount of interruptions.


What to wear?

The beauty of practicing at home is that you can practice in whatever clothing you like; pyjamas, underwear, teddy bear onesie, naked – its up to you! Just make sure that if you’re joining an online live class that you don’t have your camera turned on and find yourself broadcasting naked yoga to everyone else!


Find online classes

Feel free to visit my YouTube channel for free yoga classes and check the schedule for the next live online yoga class.

Fingers crossed I’ll see you online. Stay healthy and stay safe x


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