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Yoga Instagrammers: my favourites

A curated list of yoga Instagrammers

I’m fairly new to the Instagram game, I had to get my daughter to show me how to use it a few years ago, much to her amusement. At first I saw it as a vanity platform and then I realised what a creative source of inspiration for my personal yoga practice it could be. I’m quite choosy about who I follow because I want to feel inspired and I recognise that there is an ever present of danger of being made to feel inadequate. I also don’t just follow yoga accounts so I’m not overloaded with yoga news, poses etc. So, here are just a few of my favourite yoga Instagrammers (in no particular order), the yogis and yoginis that inspire me to better my yoga practice.


Account: @jason_crandell

Name: Jason Crandell

Yoga Instagrammer Jason Crandell

Jason is a no nonsense natural teacher with over 15 years of experience. He is a teacher of yoga teachers. The stand out for me is that he makes it okay not to take everything to the nth degree. Can’t hand stand? No problem. Don’t enjoy chaturanga? No problem. And so on. He has the wonderful ability of being able to break down poses into easy to understand bite sized segments, so that even the most advanced poses become in reach. He’s a regular on Yoga Glo and has been featured in; Cosmo, Yoga Journal, The Huffington Post, and OM Magazine (to name but a few).

Follow him here: @jason_crandell


Account: @andreaferretti

Name: Andrea Ferretti

Yoga instagrammer andrea ferretti

Andrea is host of the fabulous Yogaland Podcast in which she interviews a host of eminent voices within the yoga world, including that of her husband, Jason Crandell. They’re a pretty unstoppable team bringing a very real and dare I say adult take on yoga. Forget yoga bikini shots on the beach, her real and funny approach to yoga, through natural conversation cements her as a yoga Instagrammer to follow.

Yogaland has had 1.3 million downloads to date and is available on Spotify.

Follow her here: @andreaferretti


Account: @lottasebzyoga

Name: Lotta Sebzda

yoga instagrammer lotta sebzda

I only recently stared following Lotta. Let me just say this woman is amazing. Her yoga videos are so easy to follow (I’m working on straddle press hand stands at the moment and have found her tips to be invaluable). She’s also a grandma! Proof that there’s no age restriction on a beautiful yoga practice. Yoga comes from the soul and hers certainly shines through.

Follow her here: @lottasebzyoga


Account: @jo_tastula

Name: Jo Tastula

yoga instagrammer jo tastula

I may just be a teensie bit in love with Jo Tastula. She has the most soothing voice and her message is one that is totally heart felt. In a practice spanning 20 years she has amassed a library of yoga knowledge including; mindfulness meditation, Shiatsu & 5 Element Theory, Energetic Bodywork, Prenatal/Post Natal yoga, Nutrition, Anatomy/Physiology and Core Shamanism. A prominent vinyasa flow yoga teacher, Jo teaches on Yoga Glo. Her Instagram account us a reminder of how yoga fits into everyday life with a focus on family.

Follow her here: @jo_tastula


Account: @kathrynbudig

Name: Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig brings a vibrancy to her yoga classes and posts with an ever present strong sense of humour. I’ve only been fortunate to take her online classes but she sometimes teaches guest spots at Triyoga in London and I’ve promised myself that the next time she does I’m signing up! In addition to wonderful musings on all things yoga she’s a total foodie and often posts links to her own recipes.

Follow her here: @kathrynbudig


Account: @diannebondyyoga

Name: Dianne Bondy

yoga instagrammer dianne bondy

Self proclaimed disruptor Dianne Bondy is the voice of reason in the yoga world. Her ethos is strong and simple: Yoga is for Every Body and yoga benefits all bodies, regardless of their shape, size, age, ethnicity or ability. Her videos offer fantastic tips for breaking down poses to an accessible level. She’s the author of “Yoga for Everyone: 50 poses for every type of body” and is regularly published on yoga platforms.

Follow her here: @diannebondyyoga

Account: @yoga_girl_london

Name: Hannah Barrett

yoga instagrammer hannah barret

The first thing you’ll see on visiting Hannah’s Instagram page are the words “yoga and strength” and wow does she excel at both. Her dedication to her practice and teachings is evidenced in multiple videos on her feed. She is also a published pre and postnatal specialist. In her words: “My aim is to share the incredible benefits of yoga with as many people as possible. It’s had such an amazing impact on my life, shifting my outlook and making me happy, healthy and calm.”

Follow her here: @yoga_girl_london


I could keep going but I’m going to draw a line here and follow up with a part two of this post in the future, there are just too many yoga Instagrammers to follow! Happy Instagramming!


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