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Free Intermediate Yoga Class Plan

It can be hard for us yoga teachers to come up with fresh ideas for class plans or maybe even to find the time to create a class plan. So for just for you time poor yoga teachers I’ve put together a very rough and ready free yoga class plan that you can use as the basis for your classes.

I using a very simple stick man style that works for me but you could of course modify the class plan and make any changes you want to make it feel like your own.

Some notes on the PDF:

  • anything in a box is intended as a sequence on one side to then be repeated on the other side.
  • Sun salutations are not sequenced using stick me – I’m assuming you all know your sun salutations
  • Vinyasas are not sequenced using stick men


View and download your Intermediate FREE yoga class plan here.

You can also download a stick men pack here to help with your own class plans.

Lastly if you liked the class plan, don’t just download and go, it would be really nice if you could leave a comment below. If I get enough feedback then I’ll upload some more, every little helps right?




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