Discover yoga with Amber. We'll work together to find a pace and style of yoga that suits you best.


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Yoga Class Prices

There are a number of different subscription offers for our yoga classes, including; 5 class pass discounted rate, 3 class pass discounted rate, pay as you go plans and an introductory class offer of £7. Please note that you will be redirected to

  • £7

    Introductory Class

    Intro Offer
    • Enjoy your first yoga class for £7.
    • Booking required.


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  • £10.50

    Single Yoga Class

    • Drop in rate
    • Flexible Schedule
    • Easy booking
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Best Value
  • £35

    5 Class Pass

    3 months
    • Flexible schedule
    • Can be used for any class within a 3 month period
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  • £27

    3 Class Pass

    2 months
    • Flexible Schedule
    • Can be used for any 3 classes within a 2 month period
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How to Book

You can book into any of my yoga classes by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ button next to each class. Please note that you will be redirected to


"I really HAVE learned to love yoga with Amber. After several previous attempts in the past where I was so sure that I COULD and SHOULD love yoga I now really do absolutely love it. The key is finding the right teacher, and finally I have found the right balance of working towards self-improvement but without any judgement of my ability or inability or flexibility. I realise now that this is what was missing in the past and I look forward to every class."

Sarah Lewis

Elsenham, Bishop's Stortford

"Having only attended a few yoga classes before and being a far-from-ideal body shape I was quite nervous about what this might entail but Amber couldn’t have been more helpful, encouraging and supportive. She was careful to make it clear how I could adapt positions to suit me and my body and to stress that there wasn’t a right or wrong. She was calming and friendly and made me feel great about what I was achieving."

Corrina Mottram

Elsenham, Bishop's Stortford

"After having 3 children, I was apprehensive about starting yoga. I felt that my coordination and strength wouldn't be good enough and I was very self-conscious. However, Amber supported me and was so encouraging. She put me at ease and l thoroughly enjoyed myself. I really felt l had worked every muscle and actually made the first steps to a fitter, stronger me. Thank you Amber!"

Charlie Harding

Elsenham, Bishop's Stortford

"I hadn't been to a yoga class before and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Amber made me feel relaxed and at ease from the start. She made sure I was in each position correctly... Something I needed help with as a novice! I thoroughly enjoyed her classes and she has certainly made me want to continue with yoga."

Philippa Fidell

Elsenham, Bishop's Stortford