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Online Yoga Nidra Class

Online Guided Meditation | £4.50 per class


Yogic Sleep

Yoga nidra is different from other forms of yoga as it requires no physical exertion on the practitioner’s part. In fact, you can simply lie back and relax as you’re guided into a yogic sleep. It’s said that just one hour of yoga nidra is as nourishing as four hours of regular sleep. Think of it as the state just before sleeping when the mind wanders and drifts, you still have an awareness though you’re very close to sleep. When you’re in this passive/active state you’re able to access subconscious memory and repressed experiences. You’re encouraged throughout the practice to become a witness to your experiences as your brain forges new neural pathways moving away from negative behaviour.

If that sounds like a bit much, don’t worry, that all happens while you lie down and are guided through an awareness of your physical body, different sensations and a scene setting visualisation.

online yoga nidra


Create a comfortable space

The main thing is to create a space that will allow you to stay still for as long as possible without moving. Think about the following:

  • a warm blanket as your body temperature will drop during the practice
  • wear cosy socks, and warm layers
  • a cushion / pillow under your head


In order to experience your zoom class at its best you’ll need to think about the following:

  1. Make sure you download so that you can login in to the class.
    You want to look at downloading Zoom Client for Meetings (for computer) or one of the Zoom Mobile Apps (for phone or tablet).
  2. What device are you going to use to view the class? Is it big enough to see the instructor, if not you can think about streaming it to your TV if possible or logging in on a laptop.
  3. The class audio and music will only sound as good as the device on which its being played so its worth connecting it to a music system if possible. It will be fine if you can’t do that, its just a good way to get optimum audio quality. If you’re logging into online yoga nidra as there is relatively little to no movement in the class you could connect using your head phones which will provide a lovely sound.
  4. Create the right environment by dimming lights, making sure you have any props to hand and shutting yourself in a quiet area of your home
  5. Make sure you have a warm jumper or blanket to hand for the cool down segment of each online yoga class.

Visit the schedule to book your next class.

There has never been a better time to stay connected online. With a growing online community on our Facebook and Instagram page you can reach out to like minded yogis and yoginis. Our online yoga class schedule is added to each week and currently includes; live online vinyasa yoga (level 2), live online gentle flow (suitable for all levels), live online morning sun salutations, and live online yoga nidra. Students with a subscription package will be able to access a back catalogue of classes too.

The important thing is too keep practicing yoga, keep connecting with yoga teachers and make the most of the revitalised online yoga class offering taking place in the yoga world