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Mala Beads

custom design mala beads

Custom Mala Bead Design


All Learn To Love Yoga Mala beads are made by hand with natural gemstones. Each bead is hand knotted in place and the Mala is finished with a tassel in a complimentary colour. Malas can be made in a similar style to those depicted on the website and can either be worn as a fashion accessory or to compliment the spiritual side of your yoga practice.


How to use your Mala:

Starting one bead beside the “guru” (central) bead, use your thumb and middle finger to move the beads toward you (and the guru away from you) one by one. Take care to ensure that your index finger (which represents the ego) doesn’t come into contact with your Mala. The movement of a single bead corresponds to the recitation of one round of a mantra of your choosing.

Lay it near your yoga mat every time you practice.

Wear it and let its beauty remind you of your own.


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